An orthotic is a supportive device which is placed inside footwear, to change the mechanical function of the foot. It works dynamically during weight-bearing activities like walking, running and standing. Ideally, it should provide full, custom and corrected arch contact so that the foot works in a biomechanically correct way.

To date, only Sole Supports™ manufactures full arch contact orthotics, calibrated to flex for your weight and foot type. The reason for this is simple: they are more difficult to make because they must actually change the way your foot works and need to be comfortable at the same time.

Other orthotics are either just cushions or have a one-size-fits-all, poor arch support that is not customized to your foot. These orthotics may feel fine but, by failing to actually change foot posture and function, they will not prevent or alleviate the usual painful deformities or syndromes.

The Healing Arts Center is proud to use Sole Supports™ orthotics in our practice. They are the leader in custom orthotics for a reason. We invite you to educate yourself more about Sole Supports™ and what they can do for you by providing you with several informative brochures that you may download right here.

To download an informative PDF about each mechanical deformity or affliction simply click on any of the images shown below.

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