We know that hearing loss happens. It’s the third most common health problem in the U.S., according to WebMD. Hearing loss is also very treatable – and more successful when started early. If you suspect you have hearing loss, why not find out for sure? There are many reasons people come up with to not get a hearing test but let us give you some great reasons to! 

1. A hearing test is painless and takes less than an hour. 
2. The Mayo Clinic recommends baseline hearing tests for adults.
3. Untreated hearing loss increases your chance of developing dementia. 
4. Untreated hearing loss increases your chances of falling.
5. Treating hearing loss with hearing aids is proven to reduce the risk of cognitive decline.
6. Untreated hearing loss is known to contribute to depression and social isolation.
7. There is no pressure to purchase expensive hearing aids. Let us start with seeing where you are in your hearing and together, we can explore your options.

Think you may have hearing loss? Find out for sure by scheduling a hearing test Today.

We also do Hearing Screenings, Ear Wax Evaluations, Clean and Checks of your current hearing aids, and even Hearing Aid Repairs. 

We work with many of the Medicare Advantage plans that provide hearing coverage. To see if you qualify for hearing aid benefits please call your insurance provider today! 

Our Hearing Instrument Specialist is Heather Wright.

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