Nutritional Counseling

With so many people seeking functional nutrition medicine, you can understand why Dr Sams has incorporated his wide array of knowledge of functional nutrition into his practice.

Working with your own individual dietary needs and restrictions, Dr Sams will help guide you in developing a healthy eating plan that promotes healthy metabolism, good immune response, and a healthy body weight.

Leaky gut is a term that has been getting a lot more attention in the past few years and the healthcare industry is now beginning to recognize it as a cause of many health issues among our American population. With a clean diet, the right supplements, and other lifestyle changes you can heal your leaky gut and look forward to a life with more energy, mental clarity, and less illness.

We are amazed by the number of patients we see who are able to restore their health by simply giving their body the right tools in which to rebuild itself.

Receiving the right nutritional advice on an individualized basis is key to many people getting better after thinking there was no hope.

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