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"We love Dr. Sams and his Zyto scanner! My allergies were going CRAZY, despite the fact that I've been on prescription allergy medicine around the clock. Not only did his scanner pick up, and tell the allergens that were in my body (30+), and at what level, he was also able to treat me through the hand cradle, for almost immediate relief. That along with the follow-up treatment has left me practically symptom free ever since my treatment last week. If you suffer from allergies, you should definitely give this a try!"

Becky Monroe Taylor

"I have dealt with allergies for years. I have tried so many allergy medications, both prescription and OTC and have only found slight relief. Dr Matt used Zyto to do a scan this past week and try to find the source of the problem I was having. I had not had a voice more than a whisper for four days and had missed work because it is not possible to do my job by miming. He did the scan and gave me a treatment through the scanner and I started seeing results the next day. My voice came back, I had relief of many other symptoms (itchy eyes, congestion etc). He went above and beyond to help me and I HIGHLY recommend Zyto scanning to patients who are suffering from allergies and can't find a medication that helps. The best part is that this is a natural approach to relief."

Sherri Taylor-Nyman

"Dr. Olsen ROCKS! She's funny and made me comfortable before my adjustment. She actually listen to what you have to say!"

Sirah Heatherly

"I was very apprehensive going in but found Dr. Sams to be very understanding and informative, I'm very excited to be a patient of his and become healthier all around."

Rhonda Adcock

"Dr. Sam's is the only doctor to give me answers about my leg swelling I've had for about a year. After an adjustment we discussed my scan thoroughly and he answered any questions I had. The staff is gracious, helpful, and down to earth. If you are at your wits end trying to find answers, I'd definitely check this place out."

Destinee Bippert

"Dr. Sams is a very intelligent doctor!"

Pamela Gottschalk Wade