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Let's face it.  For whatever reason you clicked on this link to find out about Weight Loss.   If you are anything like many of the people in our practice, you have reason to be here.  Whether you are needing to lose weight for your health or lose weight for an upcoming wedding, we all have our reasons.  But who do you trust?  This is one of the hardest parts of the weight loss journey!   Asking yourself "which diet is the best?"  or "will this diet work?" or "what is the best option for me?"...   YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE.

Why?   Because we have been there on this journey.  In fact, our owner has walked this journey herself for years and because of the great knowledge we have gained, we can help YOU find the right answers to your above questions.   We do not believe that weight loss is a "one size fits all".  We want to hear your struggles and custom tailor a plan for you!

We offer Semaglutide, Skinny (MIC) Shots, Nutrition Counselling, and many more options.

Check out our latest division called “LIGHTHOUSE WELLNESS”!  LED light technology that can do body sculpting and immediate fat loss!  Eliminate Fat without surgery!  No Diet — No Exercise necessary!  It is a safe, pain-free alternative to Liposuction with Fast Results!  Check out the information on our website at www.lighthousebranson.com.

We have patients on a weekly basis who are sharing stories of health because of weight loss!  Why don't you let us help you have a weight loss story of your own!

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