Acupuncture Benefits

  • Why not just take the medication from your doctor?
  • Why bother seeing an acupuncturist and get pins stuck in you?
  • What can pins do that drugs can't?

Here's why. See the image below to the left?  That is the the Yin/Yang symbol. It shows balance: the white part is as big as the black part. The white dot is the same size as the black dot. They are exactly equal and opposite. And as one ends, the other begins, so they turn into each other, balance each other, oppose each other and depend on each other.

Everything in Chinese medicine and acupuncture theory comes down to the balance, in your body, between Yin and Yang.
If Yang is too big, (compared to Yin) you'll have too much heat, or movement, or noise, or smell or color.  If Yin prevails, you'll be too slow, too soft, too dependent, too cold, too pale, and you'll probably feel weak.  Once your condition has been diagnosed properly in terms of Chinese medicine, acupuncture needles carefully placed in appropriate points will gently lead the excess Yin or Yang away and bring you to balance.

Your acupuncturist will want to strengthen you so that you're less likely to get ill or stressed again.  

Acupuncture wellness comes from:

  • understanding your condition in a new way, one that often helps you change it
  • diagnosing your condition so you get correct treatment
  • economically treating you with acupuncture needles (much cheaper than drugs, though you may have to pay the acupuncturist)
  • not needing medication, so very few side-effects
  • often, pleasantly relaxing you during treatment
  • usually, seeing the same practitioner every time
  • usually, getting better, so you don't need further treatment and don't become dependent on medication
  • usually finding that benefits come not just in pain levels but in your ability to do things and enjoy life more: acupuncture wellness!

We also offer Auriculotherapy, also known as "ear acupuncture," which is a needleless form of acupuncture.  This service is used for smoking cessation (stop smoking treatments), weight loss, sleeping disorders, anxiety and much more!

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