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Through IV Nutrition we have seen incredible healing take place for patients with all kinds of symptoms and diagnosis. An intravenous route is the most effective way to administer vitamins, minerals, peptides and other essential nutrients into the body in a way that the body can actually absorb and utilize completely. By reversing malnourishment the body is able to regain balance and rebuild on a cellular level. This creates the foundation needed for healing and amplifies the positive effects of other modalities or treatments

Research is showing that certain IV nutrients like those in a Myers Cocktail have shown great results and relief for people with auto-immune diseases and cancer.

For many people, just having an IV therapy with one of our formulas will be just what you need!

We also understand that there is a certain group of people on their journey to health that need something more than the "off the shelf" formulation!  For you will offer specific blood testing and CUSTOM FORMULATIONS of IV nutrition just for you!

Contact us today to start getting your IV drip!  Many times you can do this on the same day as you call!

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